The Ultimate Sales Tools – Interior Signs And Exterior Signs

There’s no doubt that businesses need advertising. That is why interior signs and exterior signs are so important. Here are some of the various ways to advertise a business using signs as the ultimate sales tools.

The use of exterior signs for a business communicates the message of the business. Well placed signs can make all the difference in getting the message about the business to the public. It conveys to people who you are, and what you do. One of the most effective kinds of oudoor advertising is vehicle advertising with vinyl graphics.

A shop vehicle is one of the most effective methods of advertising you can find. Vehicle signage is long lasting and is something that can be used 365 days a year. It is also cost effective advertising and is one of the easiest things you can do to promote your business in various localities throughout the area.

Promote your business easily through the use of outdoor / exterior signs. They can be mounted on the building or door and with an attractive storefront, it can effectively communicate your brand and attract customers.

Exterior and interior signs are some of the most effective marketing assets for your business.  It is important to find the right sign company that will design the types of advertising you want.  Obviously, business people want to find the most effective ways to advertise a business. Finding the right sign company that will use the your pre approved graphic designs to advertise your business is important.

RoySigns specializes in many different types of signs. The signs that your business will use are largely up to you, however we can help you decide what makes the most sense based on your budget and business requirements.


How Color Can Influence The Effectiveness Of Your Sign Design

When creating your company branding, do you consider color at all? Do you realise how important color is when it comes to people remembering your signage? Color stimulates the senses and can convey a message instantly, empowering the words on your sign and giving them deeper meaning.

Picking the correct dominat color to use for your brand is vital and needs to appear on all your signage and promotional material. Different colors convey different meanings and impressions to people. Here’s a list of the common colors and their meanings.

Blue : A cool blue color is a trustworthy color. It is dependable, financially responsible and conveys a sense of security. Because of this it is very popular with financial companies.

Red : Has an effect on your pituitary gland, and in turn increases your heart rate and makes you breathe faster. Red always evokes a very passionate response.

Green : Is related to health, peace and freshness. Darker greens are related to wealth and prestige (British racing green for example) whilst lighter greens have a calming effect.

Yellow : Is associated with the sun and conveys optimism, warmth and light. The human eye always sees bright yellows first, before any of the other colors, which is why they are popular at displays at the point of purchase. Some shade of yellow provide motivation and stimulate creative thought.

Purple : Favored by creative people it evokes a feeling of mystery, spirituality and royalty. A lavender shade evokes feelings of sentimentality and nostalgia.

Pink : Dusty pinks give a sense of sentimentality, lighter pinks are romantic and hot pinks are energetic, young, fun and exciting.

Orange : Evokes a feeling of fun, vitality and exuberance and is viewed as gregarious. The lighter shades of orange appear to the upper ends of a market. Peach colored tones are popular in beauty salons, restaurants and health care establishments.

Brown : Is simple, durable and stable. Terracotta type shades can convey an upscale feeling.

Black : Classic, powerful, bold and serious, it creates drama whilst evoking a feeling of sophistication (think little black dress). Whilst black works for more expensive products, it can make products appear heavy.

White : Is simple, clean and pure. White is viewed as a brilliant color by the human eye and really catches the eye. You’ll find white on child and health products because of these feelings.

The colors you choose for your corporate branding and promotional material will tell your target market a lot about you and your company. Make sure that the colors you pick convey the meanings you want to convey to your customers.


Senses Play A Pivotal Role In creating Your Brand Marketing

So, how would you define brand marketing? Simply put, your brand is how it appeals to the senses of your customers. Consider putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and see how your brand benefits them when you judge it through their sense organs.

At any given time, the way you present your image will go a long way. It starts right from the way your employees are attired to the company’s insignia and eye-catching appealing color combination. Give a serious look to the colors and see if you have succeeding in conveying the right message through them?

It helps to know if your customers are getting to hear good things about you. How do media present your brand to the public? Does your customer service department politely attend to every grievance from your customers? Do you get to hear nice words about your company from old customers? Do you and your staff present a pleasant picture to your customers?

Every little transaction you have with your customers drives home some specific feelings. It starts from whether they were happy or disappointed after interacting with you to the business relationship strengthening activities implemented by you. Are you looked upon as a transparent and trustworthy company by your customers?

If every little thing about your company smells good, right from the products you sell, to your facility and even the way your employees conduct themselves, will have a positive effect on your customers. They have to smell a clean environment too.

Finally, taste also plays a vital role here and will add to your brand value. Again, it matters how tasty your product (if It’s a food product) is and how good your coffee or tea tastes when they visit you.

In short, your brand is nothing but an extension of your personality in real life. You should, therefore, understand the importance of taking the right step and decision at every time. The truth is, branding helps you to create your own foothold in the market and trying to maintain your credibility will always bear fruit. Use all your senses to evaluate your brand from time to time and ascertain whether your customers are sensitive to your efforts.


Decorative Wall Cutouts

Decorative wall cutouts are a great way to add a special touch to any outdoor patio or deck.  Designs can truly be anything to match your decor.  Custom cutouts can even be used in a child’s bedroom or playroom.


Think of a cartoon character or balloons on a child’s bedroom wall.

Decorative cutouts can be cut from a variety of materials including wood, HDU or plastics – it all depends on where you intend to mount your work of art.  All designs are hand painted to your specifications.

Another idea is to create a personalized home sign with your house numbers.  Create a home sign for your front door, a home sign for your mailbox or a home sign to mount on your fence or gate.  If you’re looking for unique and creative, propose a project for a free quote.




Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

Vinyl Vehicle Lettering is probably one of the leading, most cost effective methods of advertising out there.  Imagine the number of people who will see your mobile billboard over a 3 year period.  Probably millions?  The point is, vinyl vehicle lettering is relatively low cost yet the returns are unlimited.  Propose your project here by requesting a free quote from Roysigns.

Vinyl lettering or vinyl graphics can be applied nearly anywhere.  You may consider applying vinyl lettering on your car doors, on your rear window or across the side of your car.  Vinyl letters and vinyl graphics can be applied to cars, truck, boats, windows – nearly any clean surface.

Roysigns creates custom vinyl decals, vinyl letters, vinyl logo graphics in unlimited colors.  Quality vinyl stickers are guaranteed against peeling or fading for 7 years.

Here are some ideas on how you might apply vinyl letters or vinyl graphics in your next advertising campaign:
[list type=bullets-red]

  • Banners
  • Building Sign Letters
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Changeable Sign Letters
  • Directory Letter Boards
  • Directional Signs
  • Interior Sign Letters
  • Marquee Signs
  • Portable Marquee Sign Letters
  • Restroom Signs
  • Safety Signs
  • Stencils
  • Trade Shows Signs
  • Traffic Signs
  • Vinyl Sign Letters
  • Yard Signs

Whatever your imagination can create, Roysigns would like to help.  Propose a project today and get a free quote.